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Download Offline Explorer Pro 7.4.4594 SR3


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  • Offline Explorer - download whole sites, online image galleries, news and usergroups from the widest variety of supported Web sites. The best ever support for the modern Internet technologies, Flash, scripts and active contents.

    Whats new in version 7.4.4594 SR3:
    • Added Unicode support to the Internal Browser tabs
    • Improved memory usage and performance when parsing PDF files
    • Improved finding links in PDF files
    • Improved detection of overloaded directories
    • Improved backup/restore of Projects with overloaded directories
    • Improved parsing speed during export
    • Changed File Filters submenu design in the Ribbon - Properties
    • Added StopOnHTTPStatus= URLs field command
    • Added /restore= command line parameter to restore Project from backup file
    • Bug Fix: Fixed processing moved files in overloaded directories during export
    • Bug Fix: Fixed wrong paths in some exported contents.htm files
    • Bug Fix: Fixed error when right-clicking Ribbon
    • Bug Fix: Fixed export hangup immediately after download
    • Bug Fix: Fixed importing Unicode bookmarks from Chrome browser
    • Bug Fix: Fixed Ctrl+A when any dialog is open
    • Bug Fix: Fixed export to compressed EXE files
    • Bug Fix: Fixed processing URLFilter.ini file

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